Responsive Reading for the 4th Week of Advent

This Advent reflection is loosely based off of John 4:5-15, 39-42

To read the passage click here:

ONE: Sustaining God, we are on a journey. We are tried, and we have stopped at a well to drink

ALL: Yet the well is deep – we have nothing to draw with, we are tired and do not have the strength. 

Thank You that even when we do not have the strength, you provide for us

ONE: Through the friend who we can always depend on, through the parent who we know we can trust, through the mentor who we know we can rely on, through the fellow church goer who we know is praying for us even when we have not been in contact for a week

ALL: There are times in our lives when we are tempted to think that our work is in vain

ONE: Yet we come back to this well to be restored, rejuvenated, and made whole

ALL: This well sustains us.  This well provides for us.  This well is life giving.

ONE: This well is also abundant – with plenty to give.  There is no reason to horde it all for ourselves

ALL: And so we ask that you would teach us how to share this life giving water with others

ONE: Through being patient with the disabled person who has a hard time articulating their thoughts, needs, and feelings.  Through being emotionally available to the new refugees who have just left their home and face feelings of isolation and uncertainty.  Through being sensitive to those who have been displaced because of war and violence, and those who are denied their rights because they happen to be of a different ethnic make-up.

 And through being ready to forgive those who have hurt us in ways which have been intentional or unintentional – remembering that they too carry a burden with them and might not know what they are doing. 

ALL: We ask that during this Christmas season we would reach out and extend our hands to those who need you most at this time.

ONE: The family who is experiencing their first Christmas without a loved one, the family who has nowhere to go because they are from a different country, the family that does not have the resources to buy a turkey. 

ALL: We ask that you would give us a way to give the life giving water that we have to those who are near to us and to the strangers close at hand.


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