Being God’s Beloved: Affirmations from A-Z

A – To be God’s beloved is to accept that the awesome God created me to be authentically me.

B – It’s to bravely bare my flaws, seeing that God makes me strong in my weaknesses.

C – As God’s beloved child, I courageous choose to see myself with the same love and compassion I give to others,

D – And I determinedly dare to defy the destructive labels that have been placed on me.

Instead I delight in the diversity of the Divine, taking pride in who he has made me to be.

E – When I look in the mirror, I can see my elegance for God has elevated me to the place of princess, to the realm of his royalty.

F – It’s because I have an audience with the King that I can face my fears, I do not live in bondage, but in freedom.

G – Through Christ, I’ve been granted a new life, and I choose to extend the same grace and generosity to myself which were first modelled by Him.

H – I don’t hold myself hostage to toxic thoughts of my past, instead I heal and in turn heal others.

I – I use my inquisitive and imagining spirit to innocently seek after that which God requires.

J – I jubilantly live into my quirks because in the joking there is joy.

K – The King kindly saw me shivering outside His palace. He welcomed me in, set a table before me, and we had a feast. It wasn’t so much in the delightful food, but it was in the soul connection that we bonded.

L – Through lovingkindness I am filled with God’s love to give to others.

M – I look at the magnificence of God’s multi-coloured and multicultural world and I see my place in it. I’m one of a multitude but I’m also my own.

N – No one gets to tell me who I am. Only God does.

O – There is no secret too outrageous, no deed too obnoxious, no thought too outlandish for me to talk to God about. He sees it all and yet has mercy and forgives.

P – To be God’s beloved is to find a deep inner peace and placidness in His presence,

Q – A quality quietness from the swirl of questions in my head.

R – Reassured even in rough waters that God has the strength and wants to pull me out of the deep

S – I sense His salvation, the sacred stops me from spiraling,

T – And instead calls me to trust, to truth, and to tranquility. In turbulent times, God’s timely presence is tangible to me.

U – I see myself as unique. A bearer of God’s Spirit, a tent in which He dwells. Therefore I care about my physical body.

V – God took me, a vagabond, and gave me victory, He saw my vulnerability, He saw that my life was exploding like a volcano, and He invited me into His vastness.

W – For a long time I held a warped view of who I was, but God has shown me I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I feel welcomed into His wide arms, seeking fully after Him is wondrous and worthwhile.

X – My relationship with God is more than just xenial*, it’s transparent, real, raw, and intimate. It didn’t come without a cost, though. I willingly had to surrender myself to God’s x-acto knife, allowing Him to cut out those parts full of rage, hatred, and disgust mostly towards myself.

Y – To continue being God’s beloved, is to constantly yield to the ways He wants to grow and shape me. I yearn for His courts for He has broken off the yoke that crushed me.

Z – God has filled me with a zestful zen. No more zig-zagging through the maze of life, no more zoning and zeroing out, but instead living each and every moment to its fullest potential.

*xenial – a friendly relationship between host and guest

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