Deborah’s Publications

“I write whatever I feel like writing.  I write for myself first, and sometimes magazines decide they like it and want to snatch it up.” For the last several years, I have been a full time student which has resulted in numerous essays and research projects being written up.  Many of those will always remain unpublished, but every once in a while I think “hey, that was actually a really interesting topic and it might benefit someone else!”  and that’s when you see me publishing them on my blog.  I suppose ever author secretly wishes to publish outside their own circle, and that’s why I am honoured whenever I am granted the opportunity to write for outside sources (many of which are Christian non-profit organizations).

Whenever I write, I hope it will bless my readers.  That’s why, I want you to feel free to share these resources, reflections, and blog posts.  I trust that you will re-post and link to your own sites with the same intentions I write the articles with (to spread peace and social justice in this world).

If you wish to use all or part of an article for your own print materials, please check with me first.  Adaptation is also permitted as long as credit is given to the original author (Deborah-Ruth Ferber).  Please refrain from publishing any of these materials under your own name, however, feel free to critique and contribute your own thoughts and voice to the ongoing dialogue.

Deborah does not make her sermons and talks available except by special request and through special permission.  Any requests must be directed to for consideration.  You may not reuse any sermons or talks at your personal congregations unless your request has been granted and proper allowances and credits have been made.


A Living Alternative: A Mennonerd Anthology: Published Fall 2014. (Co-author)

Find it on Goodreads:

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Deborah regularly posts and has RSS feeds on the following websites:,,, and  Deborah is also a contributing member to Bible Gateway’s Blogger Grid which you can access here:  She will be linking articles written for StateofFormation and Peace Next on to this personal blog.

Why I Went to a Funeral for Someone I Never Knew:

Live Interview on Disability Theology:

You can read Deborah’s articles on Mennonite World Review here:

Women & Leadership By: Malcolm Webber Review:

How to Keep Your Cool When Engaging with Religious Zealots:

Women’s Health Magazine:

Turning the Ground By Standing Still: (and

Making Her Presence Known:

Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice – A Mennonite Who Speaks in Tongues:

Pax Pnuema:

“Becoming Best Friends with a Muslim Demolished My Prejudices About Islam” (Premier Christian Magazine, London, UK):

Bloomfield Presbyterian Church:

What’s a Christian to Do With Interfaith?

Where’s the Justice in that?: (

An Inclusive Embrace:

Why Women Should “Do” Theology:

Discovering Discrepancies: and

A Reference is made to an article I posted on the Psalms:

A Generous Exchange –

Let Them Be Sad!  –

Calling and Convictions:

The Heart of the Matter: (The Edinburgh Rain and the Issue of Homelessness; also found: (3 Blessings and 3 Hidden Challenges of Attending a Christian University) (An Apathetic Generation) (Cultivating a Plateau Spirituality) (An explanation of the Sensory Room I created during my internship) – 5 Things I Never Knew About People With Developmental Disabilities Until I Started Living With Them (Also find it here: – In The Strangle of Abuse – The Ethical Dilemma of Hero and Crook (A Response to the John Howard Yoder Scandal) – The Farm Wagon and the Apple (also featured at: an d – 3 Ways to Be an Ally to People with Mental Illness in Your Church – Scribbles From the Basement (As Found On This Blog) – Connections Newsletter (Blind Worship) – Find my blog on Mennonite Church Canada’s Resource Page – Find my blog on Common Word – View my Peace Studies Thesis Here – Re-blogged at Holy Spirit Activism – It Will Be A Blue Christmas Without You – Living in the Face of Loss and Suicide During the Holiday Season – Moving Beyond Ableism: Boosting the Economy One Job at A Time (Peace Signs – MCUSA) – Building God’s Kingdom One Job at a Time: The Case for Hiring Adults With Developmental Disabilities – The Castle Post – My Brother Who Doesn’t Say a Word – Reposted Senseless Roots – Hour of Sunlight Post – March 28, 2014 – March 28, 2014 – Read my Blog Post about Summing Up my IHOPKC 2013 experience – Read  my blog post “Developing a Posture of Perpetual Prayer” – Reflection written for L’Arche Daybreak’s Advent booklet (December 6, 2013) – Here you can find the MWR: The World Together blog (Featured blogs include: I Am Second, Giving Voice to Feminist Pacifism, Coming Out Mennonite, 5 Prayer Practices for Preoccupied People, Academia Meets Practical Life, World Fellowship Sunday, Senseless Roots, Why Short Term Mission Trips Work Despite What You Might Have Heard and I Can’t Do It!)

To View Coming Out Mennonite: and

To View the World Fellowship Sunday Blog:

To View the 5 Prayer Practices for Preoccupied People Blog: and

To View the I Am Second Blog:

To View the Feminist Pacifism Blog:

To View Academia Meets Practical Life:

To View Senseless Roots:

To View Why Short Term Missions Work:

To View “I Can’t Do It”:

November 26, 2013 – Re-blogged “All Things Charismatic”

October 7, 2013 – True Prayer – Learning the L’Arche Values:

August 25, 2013 –

July 30, 2013 – Re-Blogged: “A Mennonite Who Speaks in Tongues”

June 17, 2013 – A short piece that I wrote for AMBS about my trip to Italy:

May 31, 2013 – Featured Blog Link (Blog of the Day: Reader’s Picks – Young Voices – Canadian Mennonite):

May 23rd, 2013 – Featured Blog: Coming Out Mennonite (found on this blog).  Featured on Mennonite World Review:

June 3rd, 2013 – Why I am Committed to Building Relationships with Those from Different Religious and Ethical Traditions (first posted on State of Formation Online:

Featured Blog (Coming Out Mennonite):

One among many in the line-up of recipients for funds from Mennonite Women’s Fund Canada:

Re-Blogged: “Finding Silence – My Extroverted Experience With Spiritual Disciplines”

Re-Blogged from the Canadian Mennonite: The Disabled Christ in an Able Society:

PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY: Articles for: Our Stories Untold, PeaceSigns, and Purpose Magazine (and other charities).

Deborah also frequently writes book reviews for new and upcoming authors on their personal pages, Amazon and Goodreads.  She has also acted as a content writer for the charity “Clarity Walk.”


March 2018 -“Mennonite Muslim Friend.” (Women’s Health)

May 28-June 3, 2018: “Correspondence” (The Big Issue)

November 2017 – “A Wrecked Back, a Pinched Nerve, and the Gift of Rest.”  (Purpose Magazine)

March 2017 – “Becoming Best Friends With a Muslim Demolished My Prejudices of Islam” (Premier Christian Magazine; London, UK)

July 2016 – Attitude Adjustment (Purpose Magazine)

April 2015 – Tyndale University College and Seminary – Canon 25 Magazine: 5 Ways To Keep Your Faith Alive In Seminary

February 2015 – Tyndale University College and Seminary – Canon 25 Magazine: 3 Common Pitfalls Theologians Fall Into And How They Can Be Avoided

November 2014 – Learning to Speak Hsi-Fu (Purpose Magazine)

September 2014 – Tyndale University College and Seminary – Canon Magazine:  Why I Chose To Graduate From Tyndale Three Times

My Brother who Doesn’t Say a Word – Published in BeanZine (

June 24, 2014  – UMEI Christian High School’s Vision Newsletter “Where Are They Now?”

June 2014 – Book Review on “Becoming: God Heals Broken Self-Esteem”

June 10, 2013 – Mennonite World Review – “Coming Out Mennonite”

May 13, 2013 – Canadian Mennonite Magazine – “Seeing the Disfigured Christ in an Abelisitc Society” (On the Themes of: Disability Theology, Constructing the Other, isms) (View it online at:

Spring 2013 – Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary – “Is The Cost of Seminary Education Worth It?” (A Short Reflection Piece on the Theme of: financial stewardship)

January 21, 2013 – Mennonite Women Canada, online blog post

Winter 2012 – Mennonite Women of Eastern Canada – Spiritual Growth Assistance Fund Letter

July 2009 – Mennonite Church Eastern Canada – “MWC – More Than Just A Fun Trip!” (Mennonite World Conference Reflections)

October 27, 2008 – Canadian Mennonite Magazine – “!Exploring Ministry” – I did not write this article.  This article was written by: Aaron Epp.  However, I was interviewed and quoted in it.!Exploring-ministry

April 2, 2007 – Canadian Mennonite Magazine – “Grace 180s – God Will Transform You”

BOOKS: What’s There To Think About? The Need for Youth Revival Within the Modern-Day Mainstream Church (Copyrighted 2009 by Creative Commons) (On the Topics of: Youth, General Christian Discipleship and Spiritual Growth) (Written from a Mennonite perspective with an Evangelical bent)

Peace Anthology (Copyrighted 2009 by Creative Commons) (A Collection of Original Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Liturgical and Other Expressive Writings) (Limited Circulation, but has been bound and in print)

Teenage Trauma (2011) (On the Topics of: Relationships, Temptation, Abuse, and Grief) (A Book for Teenagers by a Teenager) (Unpublished)

Samson Ben-Gilead: A Tragic Love Story (2011) (A Novel)  (Unpublished) (Minimal Circulation)

Jeremiah’s Journey: An Adaptation of the Book of Jeremiah in Modern Form (2011) (A Novel) (Unpublished) (Minimal Circulation)

Jephthah Ben-Gilead: When Will There Be Shalom? (2011) (A Novel) (Unpublished) (Minimal Circulation)

Barak Ben-Abinoam: The Story of Deborah as Told By Barak (2011) (A Novel) (Unpublished) (Minimal Circulation)

Writing Anthology (2007) (A Collection of Original Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction) (Unpublished) (Minimal Circulation)

Three Steps Forward (2003) (On the Topic of: General Christian Discipleship) (Unpublished) (Minimal Circulation)

** While many of these writings are unpublished, many of them are available for personal use.  If interested please send an email to **


Why I Chose to Graduate From Tyndale Three Times (September 2014) (As Found on This Blog)

Having a Different Conversation (January 2014) (As Found on This Blog)

Life After Tyndale – One Student’s Journey (September 2013) (As Found on This Blog)

Ring Before Spring – Myth or Reality (Winter 2013) (As Found on This Blog)

Working Towards an NDP Theology (Fall 2012) (As Found on This Blog)

A Message From Your CFSG Coordinators (March 26, 2012) (Co-Published: On my work with the National Student Food Charter and the Campus Food Security Group through Meal Exchange an NGO)

Meal Exchange 2011 (November 2011) (Co-Published: On my work with the NSFC and CFSG through Meal Exchange) (On the themes of: equality and social justice within food ethics)

An Introduction to Meal Exchange (October 2011)

Woodcarving (February 2011): An Original Poem

Technology: A Necessary Evil? (January 2011) (As Found on This Blog)

Reborn Dreams (January 2011): An Original Poem

Eulogy for Violence (November 2010) (As Found on This Blog)

The Fallen Tree (November 2010): An Original Poem

The majority of these student publications can be found at:


Nolan and Rosalie’s Story (2008) (A story written during my time in New Orleans with Mennonite Disaster Service; it was “published” in house and shared with other volunteers who came to work in that division)

Battlecry (2003) (A pacifistic poem I entered into a Royal Canadian Legion Poetry contest which won a cash prize for third place)

A Response to Youth and the Church (United Mennonite Educational Institute, 2007) (Shared among UMEI Friends, Alumni, and Supporters)

Why Being a Rural Church or Youth Pastor is Not the Easy Way Out (2012) (A Short Rant)

My Journey to St. Luke’s Lutheran (January 2011) (At the start of my internship: shared within the St. Luke’s Community in North York, ON)

Experience at Sunparlour Pregnancy Resource Center (August 2010) (At the end of my field education placement at SPRC shared with our community of supporters, friends, churches, and clients)

On Staying at Tyndale (August 2009) (Shared within the Tyndale Community of Alumni, Supporters, and Friends)

Other informal writing has been shared with North Leamington United Mennonite Church in the form of church newsletters, our blog, worship liturgies, and pastor’s corners and with AMBS.  I also did a fair amount of writing for Meal Exchange when I was employed as a Campus Food Strategist from October 2011 – May 2012.


These papers are all unpublished, however, considerations for shared scholarship may be made in the case of Mennonite and Anabaptist students who could benefit from this research.  In all cases, moral rights must be retained and the original author credited.  Papers will only be shared if a proposal is put forth and an agreement made.

Obviously these are not all of the papers I have ever written, when you are in post-secondary as long as I have been, the amount of papers is copious.  Rather, these are just some interesting topics I have addressed which might be of benefit to the wider Anabaptist expressions of the church.

A Silent Monster: Anabaptist Responses to Childhood Bullying Due to Asperger’s Syndrome (May 2013) (This piece has been shared with the broader community in Elkhart and Ontario and is available for use by others interested in disability awareness and bullying; for a copy simply email:

On L’Arche as an Intentional Community (2013)

On Radical Hospitality ~Intentionally Living Hospitably with God, Ourselves, Others, and Creation (2013)

Conscience Canada as a War-Tax Resistance Movement (Economic Justice) (2012)

 To Be or Not to Be?: At the Crux of an Identity Crisis – Exploring the History and Culture of the Pomak People (Co-Authored) (2012)

Timothys, Marys, and Esthers – Training Young Leaders in the Church  (2012)

On Spiritual Soul Care, Collaboration, Fostering a Personal Life, and Pastoral Presence Amid Death and Dying – What every Bible College Student Should Know (2012)

The Art of Intellectual Studies: J. Gresham Machen’s Analysis on the Use of Intellect Within the Modern Church (2012)

Education is What You Make of It (2011)

Iranians and the Gospel (Understanding the Unique Culture and Country of the Persian People As Relates to Evangelism) (November 2011)

Teenage Pregnancy and Its Implications for Youth Ministry (2011)

Depression: Living in a World of Dark Rainbows (2011) (Minimally Shared)

The Rich Man and Lazarus: A Parabolic Lesson Plan Designed for Pre-Teen Youth Ages 11-12 (2011)

A Dead Freedom: J. Gresham Machen’s Analysis of Liberalism and Its Relevance to Contemporary Theology (2011)

The Multicultural Perichoresis: The Unique Challenges of Ministering to Various Ethnicities and What Can Be Done About It (2011)

Creation and New Creation: The Role of the New Jerusalem as the Heavenly City (2010)

A Different Kind of Community: The Unique Challenges of Evangelizing in a Rural Setting and What Can Be Done About It (2010)

Hermeneutical Interpretation of Ecclesiastes 12 (2010)

Christian Attitudes Towards Adoption (2010)

A 30 Day Adventure into Spiritual Devotion (2010)


I have preached quite a few sermons over the years beginning in 2008.  I have included some of these sermons in this blog and others are available through the individual church’s website.

Sermon recording preached on March 7, 2021 on Jesus tossing the temple tables with a shout out to BLM, International Women’s Day and social justice advocacy: (313) Roseland Trinity Worship Mar 7, 2021 – YouTube

Presented a seminar at the Cahoots Festival on Disability Theology and Ministry (July 2015)

Fairness and Folly – Genesis 38 (Tyndale Seminary, November 2014)

Lost and Found – Colossians 3:1-11 (Tyndale Seminary, October 2014)

The Biggest Party of Your Life (Danforth Mennonite Church, June 22nd, 2014) (As Found on This Blog)

Tempted in the Desert (Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, April, 2013; shared)

God Called Me to Do the Uncomfortable ~The Story of the 10 Lepers (Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, March, 2013)

Justice, Mercy, and Reconciliation (Windsor Mennonite Fellowship, January, 2013)

Restriction and Retention: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Church (North Leamington United Mennonite Church, December 2012)

Envious Entitlement or Practical Peace? ~1 Samuel 25 (North Leamington United Mennonite Church, July, 2012)

Reflections on My Holy Lands Journey (Windsor Mennonite Fellowship, May, 2012)

A Beautiful Irony (Danforth Mennonite Church, Toronto, ON, March 2012)

Confessions of a Young Anabaptist (Danforth Mennonite Church, Toronto, ON, December, 2011)

Living the Jesus Slogan (Faith Mennonite Church, Leamington ON,  May 2010)

Reflections on Mennonite World Conference (North Leamington United Mennonite Church, August 2009)

Voices from the Basement (Harrow Mennonite Church, 2009)

Do We Treat People Like Pizza? ~ James 2:1-13 (North Leamington United Mennonite Church, August, 2008)

Living in Community (Leamington Mennonite Homes, August, 2008)

Building a Home for an Angel (Mennonite Disaster Service division in New Orleans, April, 2008)

Running the Race ~ Hebrews 12 (UMEI, 2008)

Stress! (United Mennonite Educational Institute, Leamington, ON, February, 2006)

Temptation: A Short Drama (Mennonite Church Eastern Canada: Youth Winter Retreat, January, 2008)

Grace 180s (Mennonite Church Eastern Canada: Youth Winter Retreat, January, 2007)

A Response to Youth and the Church (United Mennonite Educational Institute, 2007)

New Year and New Person (United Mennonite Educational Institute Leamington, ON) (December, 2006)

Teenage Trauma (United Mennonite Educational Institute, Leamington, ON, 2005)

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  1. Hi Deborah – I’ve stumbled onto your blodgvia an article you did on “Spiritual Warfare and Pacifism”. I would love to have a phone or Skype convo with you about all of this. I’m really new at the whole Pacifism view and would love to connect over a few questions. Look forward to catching up soon. Sonja (Phoenix, AZ)

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