The Hour of Sunlight By: Jen Marlowe and Sami Al Jundi (An Exploratory Book Review)

ImageAre you a Zionist or a Pro-Palestinian?” The answer to that question is never easy. I’ve been in Christian settings where being very pro-Israel was perhaps the highest form of loyalty to Christ and I’ve been in situations where making the oppression of Palestinians known was a form of Christian commitment and peace activism. And yet, if you were to ask me which side of the fence I fall under, I’d have to admit that I am still searching, teasing out possibilities, and trying to find the balance.

What I love about Al Jundi’s story is that he urges for more than just side picking. He encourages dialogue, commitment to non-violent activism, and a vision of a peaceful future for our children.

Sami Al-Jundi is a Palestinian man who shares his story as one who was arrested defending his rights, spent years in various prisions where he matured and grew in his political ideology, and later became an activist for an organization encouraging dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian children known as “Seeds of Peace.”

Al Jundi’s is a gripping tale of how youthful idealism can go dangerously wrong and how ignorance can wreck havoc in a society.

What I like about this book is that it provides a backdrop, one way of interpreting the crisis in the Middle East, as told in the personal story of one man and his family. It ushers in the daring possibility to courageously hope and persevere. Yet, it does not serve as justification for violent actions against a seemingly “giant” enemy. Rather, a healthy responsibility is taken on behalf of the unfortunate circumstances created and furthered by one side with a genuine request for the other side to accept that same level of responsibility.

Gripping, personal, and honest. I give this book 4 stars out of 5.