Collisions, Chaos, and Change (Book Review: Detour: A Roadmap for When Life Gets Rerouted By: Cam Taylor )

51JuZtWmgOL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ The problem with opposition is that it often hits us blindsided when we are least expecting it.  No one anticipates that word from the doctor, that marital affair, that job loss, or that financial crash, so when those storms hit, our first instinct is to lament, to curse, to be frustrated, and to blame anyone and anything we can get our hands on.  Bad luck.  Our spouse.  Our circumstances.  The government.  The economy.  God.  Yet, rewiring our brains to turn opposition into opportunity and crisis into consolation is the exact discipline that will get us through those circumstances with the least amount of pain and loss.

Cam Taylor’s story is one of a personal journey dealing with the health struggles, emotional impact, and sense of loss he and his wife, Vicky, faced after a traumatic motorcycle accident.  The scene is one all too familiar, and for those of us who have been involved in accidents, it cuts close to home.  On a bright sunny day, the perfect temperature for riding, with few clouds in sight, Cam and Vicky set off for a nice ride through the West Coast terrain.  Yet what promised to be an enjoyable and relaxing time, suddenly turned into a whirlwind of ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgeries, and permanent life adjustments.

In this book, Cam takes an interesting approach which I have seldom seen before despite having reviewed many books on disability awareness for his story is not only confined to his own experiences, but also provides coaching and a listening ear to those who find themselves in similar circumstances.  Each chapter provides a timely quote, a brilliant illustration, a personal anecdote, and questions to consider, reflect on, and discuss.  His book does not provide “pat, easy answers,” but rather challenges its readers in a fresh and profound way to truly wrestle with the emotional and psychological (as well as physical) impacts a life-altering event can have.

What I appreciated the most about Cam’s writing is his honesty and vulnerability.  His desire to show himself the way he truly was and is, and his passion to see others changed and positively influenced by his work.  It is evident throughout Cam’s writing that he is a man of humility – not writing for self-promotion, but to give God glory.

From a personal and devotional approach, his book is inspiring and helpful in drawing out some of the key themes in Scripture including perseverance, discipleship, and counting the cost.  From a purely disability angle, his book is helpful in explaining the physical repercussions of a damaging experience and the practical ways we can help someone in this predicament (both through being open to hearing stories and providing emotional support and by doing those little “odd jobs” that may be left out such as lawn care).  For this reason, it is both from a pastoral as well as a disability inclusion standpoint that I highly recommend this book to you.  I guarantee it will make a brilliant edition to any home or church library and could even be including in seminaries and Bible colleges.

Another great resource that Cam provides is his Detour Journal.  Many of us know the benefits of journaling.  I personally have kept a journal since the time I was a young child, and it has indeed been helpful as I look back upon some of my more stressful experiences and how God has brought me out of them.  However, whether you are a seasoned journaller, new to this spiritual discipline, or just eager to try it out for the first time, this spiral notebook will help you maintain a rich and deep writing life.  Each page has a timely quote, space for personal reflection, and journal prompts.  If you aren’t much of a writer, don’t despair because as Cam notes, journaling can also be achieved through drawing, doodling, or mind maps.

I hope that both of these resources will be a blessing in your life and help you to see God’s hand over you even in the midst of trials and storms.  It was a real privilege for me to be on Cam’s book launch team and I look forward to seeing how this book will continue to impact the lives of many for the Kingdom of God.

For more information or to purchase your own copy of “Detour: A Roadmap for When Life Gets Rerouted” please visit Cam Taylor’s website at: 


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