A Marvellous Grief

10869677 I wrote the following poem in recognition of several hardships my friends and family have recently endured.  Living abroad has presented the additional challenge of not being able to support those closest to me in person, but I believe that love has no boundaries and thus it is possible to care for someone even from a distance.  

The impact of grief knows no bounds, it has no limitations.

It can come quickly and subtly, like a thief plundering a house,

Or it can come slowly, like a painful trickle.

Grief knows no timetable,

It can swiftly disappear like one pulling off a bandage after a deep wound has scabbed over,

Or it can linger on, continuing to bleed when you thought the scar was finally healed.

But the message of hope, comes as a clarion call,

Delivering its full throttled news in the most fantastic of ways,

Springing forth like a singing bird emerging from the dark prison walls,

Ushering in a moment of recognition that one does not need to be enslaved by sadness,

But can choose to have a heart overflowing with gratefulness and thanksgiving,

Cherishing moments spent, laughs delighted in, and stories recounted numerous times,

Until you can almost relive that episode in great detail.

Through it all, we feel a gentle hand upon us,

Allowing us to feel the full effects of grief, but reminding us not to stay there,

Teaching us new ways to live without a person or thing,

Showing us a different path that will draw us ever close and deeper into the human race.

For although grief knows no limits,

Neither does hope.

And it is to the latter that we have the unshakeable opportunity to turn.

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