Two Original Poems – The Canopy of Stars and the Cherry Tree

star1The Canopy of Stars

The earth stood still, my heart stopped beating,

The moment I found my love under a canopy of stars.

Secure, but not secluded,

Embraced but not smothered,

Enflamed but not ablaze.

The lovely duet of two violins playing,

Yet neither playing second fiddle.

The thoughtful glance of a young lover,

The generous warmth of a mature man,

The passionate kiss leaving warm honey on my mouth.

Though life often lacks clarity,

There is nothing confusing in this.

This shameless romance

That melts away all fear

And introduces all certainty

The moment you stopped my heart

Under a canopy of stars.

cherry_tree_in_bloomThe Cherry Tree

The cherry tree stood in the abandoned field urging me to eat its fruit,

But no, not I,

Another should go first.

What if the tree be poisoned,

The deadly sweetness,

This succulent seduction?

My heart,

Remain unmoved

For no cherry can love you like the apple blossom in fresh spring.

Go to another field and there await the apple tree that has been carefully tended and watered,

For this abandoned cherry tree will only lead to poisonous venom,

And my lover does not lay under its shade,

He is far away,

Find the apple,

And you will find him there.

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