Theologically and Spiritually Influential Women In Ministry (Past and Present) Pocket Guide

images Throughout my six years attending a Bible College and two different seminaries, I have often been surprised (and disappointed) at the lack of women’s voices that are heard in missions, scholarship, and preaching.  So, after several months of collecting stories and data, I have created a pocket guide to help combat this problem.  The names mentioned in these lists only begin to show the breadth of feminist contributions to the Church.  There are many other great women of history (and even in this present day) who continue to shape and form the Church in ways that their male counterparts cannot.  However, in the interest of space, I have only highlighted a few individuals here.  These individuals represent a wide array of positions – some were missionaries, some saints, and some martyrs.  Others are modern day speakers, leaders, artists, and actors.  In each case, each person has made a major contribution to Christian life and thought.  This list is far from complete.  I’d welcome your suggestions in the comments section.  Who do you think should have been included on this list and why?  I also want to stop here and thank the many housewives, pastor’s wives, and mothers who will forever go nameless and yet who have sustained and supported the Church and missionaries through their prayers, financial resources, and counsel.   Do you know someone like that?  If there was an award going out to a wonderful Christian woman who would you nominate?

A – Anne Frank, Amy Carmichael, Ann Judson, Amanda Berry Smith, Anne Lamott, Anna (Prophetess who held Jesus before she died), Anne Carr, Anne Bradstreet, Aimee Semple McPherson, Anne Hutchinson, Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell, ALONB (A Lady Of New Brunswick – Published Her Works Anonymously)

B – Barbara Brown Taylor, Bell Hooks, Beth Moore, Bethany Hamilton, Brenda Salter-McNeil, Bilquis Sheikh, Beverley Lewis

C – Catherine Booth, St. Cecilia, St. Clare, Christena Cleveland, Catherine of Sienna, Corrie Ten Boom, Catherine of Genoa, Clare of Assisi, Christine Caine, Carolyn Arends, Charlotte Elizabeth Tona, Charlotte Von Kirschban (Greatly Influenced the Writings of Karl Barth), Caterina Zel

D – Donna Lynn Hess, Diana Butler-Bass, Delores Williams, Donata, Dionysia, Deborah (first female judge), Dorothy Sayers, Daphne Hampson, Dorothee Solle, Darlene Deibler Rose, Domenica Narducci da Paradiso

E – Eudocia, Eleanor Davies, Elizabeth Elliot, Ellen Hebden, Elisabeth Dirks, Esther (Queen), Eloise, Evelyn Underhill, Elizabeth Fry, Ester Sowernam (Controversy Over Whether This Writer Was A Woman Or A Man Writing Under A Woman’s Name), Emily Briggs

F– Florence Nightingale, Felicitas, Felicity, Frances Willard, Francesca Battistelli, Flannery O’Connor, Fanny Crosby, Frances Elizabeth Willard

G – Mme. Guyon, Gladys Alward

H – Harriet Beecher Stowe, Helena (Constantine’s Mother), Helen Rosevear, St. Hildegard of Bingen, Hannah (Samuel’s Mother), Hagar (Ishmael’s Mother), Huldah (Prophetess), Hannah Hurnard, Heidi Baker

I – Ivone Gebora, Ida Raming, Isobel Kuhn, Irma Ramirez, Ida Scudder, Ingegerd Olofsdotter

J – Julian of Norwich, Josephine Butler, Joni Erikson Tada, Julia Greshwell (Published Under Julia Joanna), Joan of Arc, Junia, Jeanette Li, Johanna Eleonora Petersen

K – Kathryn Tanner, Katherine Hayhoe, Kari Jobe, Katie Davis, Kay Robertson, Karen Green, Kathy Ireland, Katherine C. Bushnell

L – Lucy (305), Lijsken Dirks, Lydia (Convert to Christianity), Lily Goodman, Lillias Trotter, Lottie Moon, Lorna Dueck, Linda Tripp

M – Misty Edwards, Mary Dyer, Mary (Mother of Jesus), Monica (Augustine’s Mother), Marva Dawn, Macrina, Mary Slessor, Mary Magdalene (Disciple of Christ), Morna D. Hooker, Miriam (Prophetess), Margaret Fineberg, Marie Dentiere, Margaret Askew Fell

N – Nancy Sleeth, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Natalie Sebastian

O – Olga of Rus, St. Olympias,

P – Phoebe Palmer, Phyllis Tickle, Phyllis Tribble, Perpetua, Phillis Wheatley, Prisca, Priscilla (Early Church Co-Leader Along With Husband Aquila), Puah (Egyptian Midwife Who Saved The Israelite Boys), Pat Marvenko Smith

Q – Queen Catherine II (the Great), Queen Jane Grey, Queen Jeanne D’Albret

R – Rosemary Radford Ruther, Ruth (Loyal Moabitess), Rahab (Prostitute Who Saved Israelite Spies), Roma Downey, Rachel Held Evans

S – Susanna Wesley, Sister Sue Moesteller, Shiphrah (Egyptian Midwife Who Saved Israelite Boys), Suzanne Woods Fisher, Sarah Bessey, St. Scholastica, Sallie McFague, Simone Weil, Sojourner Truth,

T – Terese of Liseaux, St. Thereas of Avila, Mother Teresa, Theodora, Tabitha (Charitable Disciple of Christ Also Known As Dorcas)

U – St. Ursula, St. Ulphia

V – St. Veronica, Valerie C. Saiving, Veronika Gross, Victoria Childress, St. Valentina

W– St. Winifrid, St. Wilfrida, St. Wiborada, St. Wivina


YYael (Jael – Wife Of Heber the Kenite Who Killed Sisera), Yowkebed (Jochebed – Moses’s mother)

Z – St. Zita, St. Zdislava, of Lenberk, Zelophehad’s Daughters (Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milkah and Tirzah – the first feminists)

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