Introducing “A Living Alternative” (A MennoNerds Anthology)

10153674_10154892219755291_8076909598782071839_n While you were reading many of the other blogs I (and my friends who are fellow MennoNerds) have published this year, there has been one BIIGGG secret we have been keeping from you all that we can finally reveal: that’s right, friends, MennoNerds officially has a book!  Not just any book, but a co-authored anthology by some of your favourite nerds on topics spanning from social justice to pacifism and from post-Christendom to sustainable food production.  Some aspects of the book will be light-hearted, leave you with a smile on your face, and leave you with a bigger imagination for what the world can hold, but one thing is for sure: each chapter will leave you stretched, inspired, and ready to ask more questions.  Complete with a study guide and links to access any of the author’s personal blogs, we guarantee that this book will be an excellent resource for any theological library.

In the next little while, you can stay tuned for more reviews on this book, special promotions (including some more giveaways in the New Year), and perhaps even a few opportunities to get your voice heard as you share how this book has prompted, encouraged, and challenged you.

For now, though, Zweibachandpeace is offering a special chance for you to win one of two free copies in our Living Alternative Sweepstake!!!  Two winners will each receive a complimentary copy of the book complete with shipping anywhere within Canada or the United States.  Please see below for the rules and regulations of this contest.  We look forward to having you participate and wish you good luck as you seek to get a copy of this great resource :).

Rules and Regulations of the Contest:

Please note, this contest is only open to individuals who live in Canada or the United States and who have a permanent mailing address in the U.S. or Canada.

1) You must sign up using your name, full street address, and email address.  You can do so by sending me an email at:  Please know that your personal information will not be distributed to anyone else and will simply be retained in order for me to send you the prize should you win.  After the prizes are claimed, your email will be deleted and you will not be receiving any other emails from me (unless, of course, we are already friends or family ;)).  Please note that whatever email you give will be the one we will use to contact you, so make sure it’s the one you check most frequently 🙂

2) Each participant can only sign up once.

3) Two contestants will be drawn at random at 11:59pm EST on December 31st.

4) Winners will be alerted by email on January 1st that they have won and will be given 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.  Should they not respond within the allotted time another name will be drawn at random.

5) Each contestant will be eligible for one free ballot; however, additional ballots can be added by doing any or all of the following:

A) Re-Blog this contest (1 ballot)

B) Post this contest on your Facebook wall, group, etc. (1 ballot)

C) Tweet this contest on your Twitter account please use #livingalternative @pandamennodeb (1 ballot)

C) Leave a comment on this blog about how you are planning to live alternatively (3 ballots)

D) Leave a comment on this blog about why getting “A Living Alternative” FREE would benefit you (3 ballots)

In total, each contestant may receive no more than 10 (ten) free ballots.

We hope you will win, but if not, know that you can still purchase our book at a really great price on  Just check out the link here:

For more information check out:

3 thoughts on “Introducing “A Living Alternative” (A MennoNerds Anthology)

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  2. A copy of “A Living Alternative” would be a boost as I explore pastoral work after decades of writing and promotion of sustainable agriculture. I want to bring a broad set of spiritual practices to renewing congregational life and boldly imagining how God is at work creating sacred space in community settings outside church walls, especially in gardening, food justice and food-sharing venues.

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