Promotional Campaigns: How not to go Overboard with Promotions (A Guest Blog Post By: Grace Beckett)

promoZweibachandPeace is excited to welcome back guest blogger: Grace Beckett.  Grace has previously contributed other articles to this blog mainly on topics of health and nutrition.  For some of her past works check out: and   Here she offers an inspiring new perspective on marketing.  Is there something on your mind?  If you’d also like to contribute a guest blog post on a topic of your choosing, please send us a quick email at: and we’d be happy to feature you in an upcoming blog.

Without further ado, here’s Grace:

Promoting your brand can be a tricky little thing. While you want maximum visibility, you don’t want clients to become sick of seeing you. This is especially true when it comes to personalized products you give as gifts. You may want to give a nice, tasteful keychain that can be both useful to the person as well as a good promotional tool for you, but you may not know how to do it.

When it comes to promotional campaigns, simplicity is the key. Here are a few simple Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind while running a promotional campaign with customized gifts:


  • Do make the products available in different colors and sizes: Make sure that when you are running a promotional campaign with gifts that you are truly catering to the client’s needs while promoting your brand. Otherwise, the clients will not be interested in the gift and your company’s logo will end up somewhere at the back of their attic.
  • Do center the gifts around one theme: Themes are very important. Personalized gifts shouldn’t just be a haphazard bunch of things thrown together. To show that you care, put some thought into selecting gifts around a theme. Customized gardening tools can be very unique idea, so can selecting a bunch of household items with one for each member of the employees’ or clients’ family.
  • Do make sure the logos and slogans are small and tasteful: While no one minds wearing a cap or a polo tee with a simple logo printed on it, no one is going to wear a t-shirt with your logo taking up 90 percent of the front like a rock-star’s face. No one wants that. When in doubt, you should leave it to the professionals and get the customization done through a company.


  • Don’t give out too many customized gifts: Less is more when it comes to putting your brand on things. Make sure that the gifts are going to be used. At the end of the day, visibility is important but make sure people don’t find your brand annoying.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the product: This is of utmost importance. Giving out substandard items will be a reflection of your company and people will associate your reputation with this product. Make sure to buy your gifts from a trustworthy and professional client.
  • Don’t put too many details on your custom gift but don’t forget the important ones either: Basic Contact information should go on gifts that have a huge surface area but if it is a small gift, just the website address or a contact number should be all that is visible.

So keep it snazzy and simple with your gifts. Intrigue potential clients with your brand rather overwhelming them by bombarding them with a bunch of logos. Make sure you keep it nice and easy for a pleasant corporate gifting experience.

About the author

Grace is associated with House of Imprints, a leading company specializing in the production of personalized products and textiles. Her other interests include writing about fashion, technology, lifestyle and home improvement.



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