ZweibachandPeace Looking For Guest Bloggers

 ImagePart of what makes the blogging world so fun is being able to have a host of other opinions and viewpoints shared.  When this happens, it makes the discussions flow much more naturally and easily, and provides some great insight to some incredibly important topics.

For the next few weeks, I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on ZweibachandPeace.  Is there a burning issue you’ve always wanted to address but simply needed a platform for?  Is there a great idea you have but were never sure where to put it?  Here’s your chance.

Here’s how it works: you write the blog (or send me a pitch).  Articles should be between 500-1500 words (not more than that).  You also choose a picture (if applicable; if you can’t find one, I will Google one for you).  You then email it to:  I will do a quick look through and some minor editing changes.  I’ll check the feel of the article and make sure it lines up with basic Christian doctrine.  I’m open to people from all different denominational lines contributing, but I just have to make sure that even if it’s not from an Anabaptist angle, that what is said in it glorifies God and will edify the church in some way.  Once I have found the blog to be satisfactory and something that would look great on ZweibachandPeace I will send you an email letting you know when it will be published.  From there I will publish it on my blog with your name and a short bio of who you are.

Please make sure you send a short 2 or 3 line bio of who you are (where you go to school or where you’ve graduated from and with what degree, occupation, denominational background, crazy facts… you know, all that fun stuff) and also include a link to your own personal blog (if applicable).  This way I can make sure that you get the credit and that we re-route people back to where they can read more.  If you don’t have a blog, but have been published elsewhere, please also include that and I can link to some of your articles.  Alternatively, if you feel comfortable with it and want to keep the conversation going, you can also send me your email (NOT mandatory!).

Please be aware that ZweibachandPeace will NOT offer any remuneration and your work will be solely your own opinion (not necessarily shared by the owner of ZweibachandPeace).  Being a guest blogger is simply a way to have your voice heard by a wider readership.  By choosing to post on ZweibachandPeace you are releasing your work to this blog while being fully aware that your work will be reached by over 15,000 readers worldwide.  Rest assured, I will moderate all comments so that only ones which will encourage, edify, and challenge you (in a good way) will be included.

Need some help thinking of a topic?  Here are some suggestions of some blogs I’d be interested in seeing:

– Sexuality (Reclaiming or living into our sexuality as Christians; the purity culture or lackthereof; parenting and Spirituality)

– Blogs about youth and/or children’s ministry and what you’d love to see more of or less of

– An exploration of some great theologians and thinkers (like Karl Barth, Madame Guyon, Menno Simons, Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

– Short book or film reviews

– Christian music reviews

– How Christian education has changed your life

– A topic of your choice (please send the pitch first in this case)


I look forward to hearing from you! 


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