One Year at Zweibach and Peace

ImageOne year ago I was procrastinating from my final papers and on a lark decided to start up my very own blog. I’m so glad I did. For me, ZweibachandPeace has been way more than just a place to share my thoughts, it’s also been the key to networking and meeting many new friends, being introduced to a host of other great bloggers, and a way to start some pretty great discussions. Had it not been for ZweibachandPeace there would still be many theological and ethical topics I probably would never have touched.

Today, Zweibachandpeace has a readership of well over 15,000, has been featured on several other blogs including Mennonite World Review, and has formed partnerships with the Mennonerds, the BibleGateway Blogging Grid, and PeaceNext. Articles written for State of Formation and Anabaptist Disability Network Services have also been posted here.

Every week, readers from around the world join ZweibachandPeace to explore some hot button theological topics. I’ve had readers from as close as my own house to as far away as Zimbabwe, Egypt (shout out to my big brother, Gamal!), and Sweden. I’m blessed by everyone’s support and pray that it in some way these blogs have become an encouragement to you.

Looking ahead to the next year at ZweibachandPeace, I’d love to hear from you. What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? What topics have I not covered this year that you’d love to explore?

Currently, I’m also opening up ZweibachandPeace to people who are interested in being a guest blogger. If there’s a topic you’d like to share on my blog please email me at: I’ll do a scan on the article to make sure that it fits relatively within my theological viewpoints and then publish it under your name (please note, I’m okay with you having different theological viewpoints than I do, however, I just want to make sure that what you share will be Biblical sound and of benefit to my readers).

To leave off, I’d like to share with you your top 5 favourite blog posts of the year:

1)      10 Things Every Introvert Should Know About Their Garden Variety Extrovert – 2,927 Views

2)      Discerning a Call to Christian Celibacy – 1,123 Views

3)      Making All Things New – A New Year’s Day Devotional – 824 Views

4)      Learning Spirituality Through Watching Life of Pi – 655 Views

5)      Re-Thinking Hospitality – 458 Views

Thanks again for another amazing year and I look forward to flying with you from 2014-2015!

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