Let’s Have a Different Conversation – What a Single Person Has to Say About Marriage

Image This blog was originally written for a College level audience.

Hello there.  Please pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or coffee – every student’s favourite beverage), and allow Me to completely distract you from your studies for just one minute.  You see, you and I haven’t talked much recently.  Actually, it’s been a few weeks.  Even months.  Ever since that tragedy hit.  Ever since the pain exploded you have disappeared into a quiet nothingness.  My child, I long for your embrace.  Though you try to push Me aside. rather than being a spurned lover, I will gently romance you.  I relentlessly pursue your soul even when you have turned aside.  I am filled with a consuming passion for you.
LADIES: You have grown up in a world which comodifies your bodies and says that your worth is tied up in your image.  Your sexuality.  And I am so sorry.  I want My sons to be princes and to romance Me in order to pursue you.  My desire is for you and your (future) husband to weave a three corded string so deeply into both your hearts that it becomes inseparable.  Your husband will lead you deeper into the truths of My Word.  He will challenge and discipline your children so they can grow.

 No matter what anyone has told you about your body, regardless whether someone has violated your most intimate feelings, I am filled with a burning love for you.  I think you are beautiful! I think everything about you is gorgeous.  You are a lily among brambles.  You might be taller or shorter, thinner or thicker than the other women, but you are made completely in My image.  Your husband will find great satisfaction in you.  You have an unmatched quiet spirit and inner peace emanating from the very core of your being.  I’m so proud of who you’ve become. 

Let your desire be completely for your husband.  Romance him in a way that shows him how much you love and cherish him.  Long for his embrace even when he is absent from you.  Refresh him with your delight in seeing him arrive back home.  Take interest in his hobbies and in his career.  Allow him reign over your home second only to Me.  Respect your husband and his place in the home, and work with him so that his responsibility over the family will be a blessing and a joy rather than an obligation.
Don’t waste your life looking at the scale or the mirror.  Take care of your body, yes, but let Me be your scale.  Le Me tell you how much your kindness, generosity, and dignity weigh.  Let Me be your mirror and tell you how beautiful you are tonight when I see you smile and your eyes light up.  Let’s have a different conversation, one not based on fanciful lust, but on pure truth in My delight in you.
GENTLEMEN: You’ve grown up in a culture that says you have to be macho.  That you have to get the girl to be worth something, and that says it’s okay to feast your eyes and engage your heart into something that isn’t your wife.  And I am sorry.  I desire you to be My princes and to fight courageously for purity in a world saturated by lust.  It won’t be easy, but you will be My soldiers heading into a battle that rages all around you.  Even the internet becomes a war zone. 

Regardless of what anyone has told you manhood is or if you have defiled your eyes or heart, let Me speak the truth to you.  Let me tell you what being a man looks like.  Whatever you have done, you are forgiven.  The culture says it’s okay to gratify the flash, but it’s not okay.  Think of Jacob and Rachel.  He waited 14 long years for her while working under the crafty Laban, but it all felt like a single breath because he was consumed with such passionate love for her.  Gentlemen, that’s what true love looks like!  You will be willing to wait until your perfect bride comes along.  You will be willing to sacrifice your deepest desires in reckless abandon upon the altar of sacrificial love for her.  Woo her like the enchanter lover.  Respect her deepest longings and desires and love her with an all-consuming love.  Love her more than you love yourself and put her interests first.  Draw her deeper into Me, make submitting to you a joy and a blessing rather than an obligation. 


You were taught that your worth is tied up in driving the latest sports car, in having the hottest woman, and in being the strongest in the gym, but let’s have a different conversation.  Let Me be the center of your life, and let your woman be second only after Me.  Cherish and love her.  Be her mirror and tell her how beautiful she is.  Be her scale weighing only her finest of qualities and characteristics.

Yes, it’s been a while since we last talked, but I’m glad we’ve had this conversation.  Open your books up again, don’t forget that I’m always present and you can always hear my voice.  Now memorize page 107.  You have a Hebrew midterm coming up!

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