Your Favourites and Mine – Round 2



In August after my blog had cleared 5,000 views I did a tally of the articles   I had written with the most views.  The list can be found here:

Now 4 months later my readership has doubled so I’d like to take a step back and share with your new favourite blog posts.

Thanks again to everyone for your faithfulness in keeping up with this blog.  It’s truly be an amazing journey to be able to grow Spiritually and refine my Theological ideas and concepts.  Thanks also for the times you ask me questions after the posts and the individual emails that have been sent.  It’s always a blessing to open up my inbox and receiving messages from readers and occasionally I have even been able to form some pretty cool contacts and friendships as a result.

So without further ado, here is the new Top 5 List:


1)  10 Things Every Introvert Should Know About Their Garden Variety Extrovert (2,298) –

2)  Discerning a Call to Christian Celibacy (565) –

3) Learning Spirituality Through Watching the Life of Pi (371) –

4)  Coming Out Mennonite (355) –

5)  Re-Thinking Hospitality (294) –

My Favourites 

1) 10 Things Every Introvert Should Know About Their Garden Variety Extrovert (sorry… I couldn’t help myself) 

2) The Problem with Pacifism – On Answering the What About Hitler Question –

3) Clarifying Convictions – Can One Be Mennonite and Not a Pacifist? –

4) Seeing the Disfigured Christ in an Abelistic Society –

5) Exploring the Lord’s Prayer as a Dangerous Prayer –

5 Most Common Countries to View the Blog

1)      United States – 5,036

2)      Canada – 2,860

3)      United Kingdom – 375

4)      Australia – 218

5)      Germany – 148

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