Liturgical Reading For Advent 1


A Responsive Reading Based on Genesis 9:8-17

ONE: We live in a time of hurt, pain, confusion, and frustration. 

ALL: We live in a time when racism, prejudice, and violence run rampant in the streets.

ONE: We live in a time when even the earth seems upset – the great waters of the deep roar and foam.

ALL: Earth shows its distaste for our lack of care for creation causing hurricanes and waves that destroy everything in their paths.

ONE: God looks down from heaven and is grieved. 

ALL: God sees that the earth is not as it should be.

ONE: God sees that what He created as being very good has been marred by the effects of sin and grief.

ALL: As a Mother, God longs to embrace all humanity under her wings and provide new life for them.

ONE: In a moment of compassion, God has reached out her hands towards her children

ALL: Promising them new life and new opportunities

ONE: In the midst of the waves of guilt and grief

ALL: In the midst of the deep waters of pain and anguish

ONE: God has promised

ALL: Never to flood the world again

ONE: And instead to bring about new hope once again in an everlasting covenant with all God’s people.



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