Devotional: Out of the Deadly Snare (Also known as: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire – the Deadly Remix for all you Hobbit Fans out There))


“Our soul has escaped as a bird out of the snare of its trapper; the snare is broken and we have escaped.  Our help is in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” – Psalm 124:7-8

What does it truly mean to be set free?  Each one of us faces different struggles and temptations on a daily basis.  The difficulty with temptation is that when it comes upon us it seems pleasing, enjoyable, and good.  In our mouths it tastes sweet at first offering us a quick reward or relief, but once it hits our stomachs it becomes a bitter concoction – poison to our minds, souls, and bodies.  Friends, this is not what God has called us to!  His Word says that there is a way that seems pleasing to man, but in the end it leads to death.  That’s just walking on a mine field!  It’s like we see the huge caution tape on a cave that says, “danger ahead – do not enter” and yet we venture in anyways without a hard hat or any type of protection.  God has way better things planned for us than that!

In this Psalm we receive the promise of being freed from the things that ensnare us.  We don’t need to be trapped in habitual sin – we can be released from it!  Once we are freed from the trap why go back?

Many of us have set traps in our lives.  We tempt the fish with the worm on the end of the hook, the mouse with the tiny piece of cheese, the opossum with the can of tuna.  To us, we know that their reward will lead them to their demise.  We are aware that they will never be able to return to their old life.  But to them they are near sighted.  They see only that piece of cheese or that can of tuna and cannot fathom the fatal consequences that will result.

When we return to our sin after being convicted to stop, it is like a kind stranger who throws the fish back into the sea or lifts the trap only to have us hook on to the next fishing line that comes our way!

We are destined for far greater than this!  God, our Father, has promised us a far better way – all the riches of a relationship!  Why throw that away for a simple piece of cheese?

Now, it’s not easy to stop a sin that has entangled us to our core, especially when everyone around us is doing it and saying it’s okay.  It can be a lot like swimming upstream.  But if we truly want to be salt and light then we will find the courage and discipline.  Maybe our unsaved friends or family do it, but they don’t have the same responsibility as us.  Their body still belongs to them – but if we are Christians than our body is no longer ours.  It has been bought by Christ so it’s no longer us who dwells inside of it, but the Holy Spirit!  It’s like sharing a room with a spouse or roomate.  Our roomate tries to keep the place neat and tidy and we just throw things around, leave our clothes everywhere, and when the light bulb burns out don’t replace it.  We never do our share.  It’s fine to live in that way if you’re living on your own.  In your own room you can keep it however you like, but if you’re sharing you gotta show some respect!

So, don’t be led into temptation and refuse to grieve the Holy Spirit!  Stay away from the places and situations that will make you lose control.  Be accountable for your actions and be honest to yourself and others.  True friends will look out for you and protect you from the scenarios which are like traps and God’s Word, God’s Word ALONE will set you free.  Don’t pour your life into what’s fleeting and don’t chase after the wind, put your entire life into the Maker of Heaven and Earth for He alone can rescue us out of the deadly snare  of the trapper and He alone can save us from the pestilence by day and the deadly arrow by night.  Amen.




One thought on “Devotional: Out of the Deadly Snare (Also known as: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire – the Deadly Remix for all you Hobbit Fans out There))

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