Top 5 Blog Posts for the Month of September


After not finding the time to post the top posts for August, I am back into the swing of things now and wish to share with you some of the amazing work that is coming from the Mennonerds that I write with.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mennonerds and only read my blog, I’d really like to encourage you to check out with other like-minded Anabaptist/Mennonites are writing and thinking about these days at

Here are 5 of the posts that caught my attention this month:

1)  The Good and Bad of a JW Tract – Ryan Robinson (The Emerging Anabaptist)

Whether you’re the kind of person who runs away from JWs, engages them in a friendly debate just for the fun of it (using what you learned in seminary to your benefit), or you are the type of person who stands on street corners handing out tracts yourself, I think you’ll find this an interesting read.  Why is it that many evangelicals focus on the negatives, hmm?

2)      I’m Good.  No, Really – Steve Kimes (The Radical Reformer)

Complete with many media and pop culture references, Steve makes a case for what it truly means to be good and to love others…even when they are considered strange by us.  A funny and fast paced read.  I think you’ll love it!

3)     Freezer Staple: Peanut Butter Cookies (Finding Harmony Recipe of the Week) – Melodie M. Davis (Finding Harmony)

Sometimes we Mennonerds can get so caught up in the Theological that those of you who only have 5 minutes and are just passing through our website can wonder to yourself, do you actually have anything practical on here?  Well, what could possibly be more practical than making some yummy cookies?  It’s nice to know that even among the nerdiest of the Mennonites we do still have some friendly Grandmas or Omas who are willing to lend a hand and make you a lovely treat.  By the way, you all should check out one of Melodie’s books “Whatever Happened to Dinner”.  It has saved me more than one impending L’Arche kitchen disaster and everyone in my house loves the recipes she has to offer in there.  Truthfully, I took the book out of my church’s library because I was looking for some ways to make some healthy L’Arche food, but soon discovered it was so much more than that.  BAM! 

4)   Keep Dating While You’re Planning Your Wedding – Harry Jarrett (

Really, I think that in this piece Harry gives some very important and practical advice for both those who are engaged (and/or dating) as well as those who are not dating right now but may very well be dating in the future.  It’s so important to keep loving your boyfriend/girlfriend before the wedding night and making time to do special activities with them.  To keep learning about them in different ways.  Highly recommended for all the couples in my life. 

5)   The Once and Future Pastor(s) – Brian R. Gumm (Restorative Theology)

Brian gives us some important background information on what being a pastor is to him and the pastors who have helped him in his own life and ministry.  PLUS he mentions Dr. Sara Wenger-Shenk, President of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, so how can we go wrong with this piece?


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