A Blessing As You Start Your New School Year

I know that it is a bit early to post this on my blog, but because I went to school in the States last year I know that my American friends are already thinking about the fall semester even though my Canadian friends are still having a blast.  So, regardless of when your first day of school is, please accept this as a blessing for your studies and as a commitment to follow Christ this year.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

I know that God has done some pretty great stuff for us throughout the  years that we have been studying and that even more awesomeness will occur this year as He pours out all of His blessings unto us. The Scripture teaches us that we will find Him when we seek for Him with all of our hearts.  It is my sincere hope that you will seek Him this year and discover Him in many new and exciting ways.

I would like to share a prayer with you today that I honestly pray for each student who is walking through the doors of a high school, university, college, or graduate program this year (whether this is their first year or their graduating year).  I hope that you will join me in this prayer:

Father God, You are an awesome God!

You have spoken to us since the foundation and the beginning of the world, calling men and women to Your service.

You have equipped us each with different gifts and abilities and know how we can best serve You.

Thank You for the gifts that You have provided each one of us with

And for the gifts that You give us in this world

Creation, fragile, yet fascinating, Scripture, revealing Your Truth

You speak in so many clear and unmistakable ways,

We give You thanks for the honour we have of being students

For the friendships and relationships we are able to foster with one another

For the privilege to learn from gifted faculty and professors

For the challenges You give us during our devotional times, prayer times, and chapel times

We thank You for Your gentle nudges and Your strong whirlwinds

For showing us which path to take and not letting us depart from Your presence

When we are going the wrong way You gently lead us back

Sometimes, Lord, we feel a little uncertain of the direction our lives are taking

Some of us may not be sure if we are in the right program or doing the right thing

Please assure us and shelter us under Your soft wings of Mercy

Please guide us in paths of righteousness and truth so that we can give You all the honour and glory

Lord, we do not ask for status- we do not seek to show off or prove ourselves

We simply ask that we have the strength to give a cup of cold water when one of our friends is suffering

And to give a hug, a word of encouragement, or a short note when someone seems to be downcast

Lord, we are grateful that You have seen us safely through this summer

You have taught us a lot and we want to use each experience we’ve had to benefit our learning

We ask that You will gear us up for this coming year

Allow us to see You a-new and rid us of any preconceived ideas and notions of what this year should be like

Thank You, Lord Jesus.  Amen.

Friends, this year I have no doubt that we will experience each and every emotion just like we did last year.  We’ll experience the excitement in the first few weeks, followed by the stress and all-nighters that mid-terms bring, we’ll rejoice in our times spent with friends, but we may also face hard times with things that are happening at home or with the weight of the world.  God will see us through those times, friends!  Believe in the Power of His Name!

Finally, please keep all the Frosh in your prayers.  Some of them are super stoked to be starting this new adventure in their lives, but others of them might be very shy and reserved.  They might not know whether this is exactly where God wants them.  They may have doubts. fears, and questions.

Let us run the race that is set before us with perseverance!  Looking to Jesus the Author and Perfector of our faith as well as to the mentors who have gone before us. 

The depths of Christ’s love, peace, hope, and mercy be with you all.  Blessings as you start this leg of your journey.



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