Top 5 Blog Posts for July

Image I would like to start this post by saying sorry I am late.  These past 2 weeks have been really crazy busy and I haven’t had as much time to do my blogging research.  But now that I do have some time, I’d like to tell you about my top 5 Mennonerds picks for July (given the lateness a few of them are from August 1st or 2nd).  Please feel free to check out our collective website at:

You might also be interested in reading our collections of thoughts, prayers, and musings about loss, pain, and death at  Many of the Mennonerds offered invaluable insights, research findings, and personal stories in this blog series, but none of them are counted in the top 5 for the simple reason that I want you to actually go and scroll through them and read the ones that appeal to you the most 🙂

Now, without further ado, here are my top 5 picks for last month:

5)Three Things to Remember About Everyone You Meet (Justin Hiebert) – In this blog, Justin gives us some good insight into how we can approach our congregations, ministries, and social service work.  He talks about how we each have a story and gives suggestions on how we can help someone open up and share their story with us.

4) Re-Imagining How We Pray (April Yamasaki) A short post about why we close our eyes and bow our heads when we pray but how our prayers could change if we were only encouraged to look out into creation.

3) Friday Funny – Awkwardness #Mennonerds Style  (Robert Martin) Robert shows us what happens all to often when we Mennonites/Anabaptists try to give someone a high-five – it’s happened to me several times (#Admittingtotheembarrasing)

2) The Radical Reformer – What Do You REALLY Believe?  (Steve Kimes)  – A very good general overview of what makes a Christian and how to evaluate what we really believe in, as well as exploring the role and connection between faith and actions.

1)  Resource Review: Do You See This Woman? (Hannah Heinzekehr) – A great resource for men and women in the church alike looking at why even though women are now eligible for ordination it’s still very much a “man’s world” and how not being married can affect a woman who is pastoring.  It’s a very enlightening read on how women can start having more of a voice in the church.

BONUS: Empowering Missional Turns One (Justin Hiebert) the fact that I want to wish my fellow Mennonerd, Justin, well and congratulate him on making it to the one year mark (which when you blog isn’t always easy – face it, it’s hard even after only a few months to keep coming up with fresh ideas), this is actually a very good post for anyone who is considering starting up a blog.  Justin offers some really good advice on how to come up with ideas, how to get your blog out there, and most importantly how to ENJOY your blog so that first and foremost it’s something you like doing rather than just something you want people to read (though that’s always great, too!)

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