Your Favourites and Mine

Image My blog has officially cleared over 5,000 views.  WOOHOO!!!  *Does a happy dance*.  I’m so thankful to have all of you faithful readers who have journeyed with me from the beginning stages of my blogging when I was just learning what it was until now. 

In honour of the 5,000th hit I would like to share with you some of your favourite articles I have written as well my favourite choices.:

YOUR FAVOURITES: 1) 10 Things Every Introvert Should Know About their Garden Variety Extrovert (1,207 views)

2) Coming Out Mennonite (335 views)

3) The Problem With Pacifism – On Answering the What About Hitler Question (180 views)

4) Discerning a Call to Christian Celibacy (157 views)

5) A Mennonite Who Speaks in Tongues (131 views)

My Favourites:
1) How Social Justice Turned Me Almost Vegan

2) Restriction and Re-tension – Why Canadian Young Adults Are Leaving the Church

3) Words of Wisdom to College Grads Considering Seminary

4) Clarifying Convictions – Can One Be Mennonite and Not a Pacifist? (Mennonerds in Deep Discussion)

5) Our Mission to Light Candles and Engage in Peace (A Charge to Graduates)


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