Who In The World Reads This Blog?

Image In celebration of the 5,000th view of the blog, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you which countries have been accessing this blog:

We have had 94 countries come on to this blog at one point or another.  The places represented have been as diverse as Isle of Man, Qatar, Vietnam, and France.  Yet, to be fair, which are the most popular countries to “hit” up this blog?

Top Hits: 1) United States (2,722 views)

2) Canada (1,520 views)

3) United Kingdom (157 views)

4) Australia (96 views)

5) India (63 views)

And How Do People From Around The World Find the Blog? They Google it!  With Google searches such as:

Words for One Ending Seminary

Pacifist By Nature Not Conviction

Single Christians Discuss Celibacy

Mennonite Debate Issues

Tyndale Dorm Life

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