Help Wanted – World Peace






The world is looking for several committed individuals who are interested in bringing peace and comfort into a world scarred by hatred and violence.  Participants can be of all ages, races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.  No university or college courses are required, just a willingness to be open and good cooperation skills.   Experience is an asset, but participants who have only recently become lovers of peace are also welcome to join.

Requirements include a keen sense of justice and mercy, and a growing interest in giving children their childhood back, keeping the world safe, and thinking of every human being as equal to yourself.  No monetary salary will be given, but our movement will give you a spiritual and moral salary that is even greater.  The experience will help you to meet many people like yourself who want to make the world a better place, and who are willingly to take this goal one step at a time. 

Interested applicants are welcome to apply at anytime, morning or evening, workdays or weekends.  The office is also open all holidays.  We would be more than willingly to review your applications with you.  If you have further questions feel free to ask.  Our staff is always happy to assist you.  We look forward to having a team of highly committed individuals, and we know that peace is possible for all.

This piece first appeared in my 2009 Peace Anthology which has a copyright from Creative Commons.

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