Blog Updates – Changing Things Up


Well, I have been blogging now for about 2.5 months and as I gain more experience with the blogging world, I’ve been adding some changes as I go along towards the way this blog is structured.  Here’s what I have now:

My blog now includes different pages which you can use to navigate areas of interest.  Some of these have been around for a while, others I have recently added.  For the sake of clarity, I’ll tell you the role of each page here:

HOME: This is what I refer to as the “blog proper”.  It’s where I wrestle primarily with theological debates, write ramblings that you graciously read, and discuss in story format what I’ve been learning recently.  Occasionally I also share my sermons, poetry, or short fiction stories or pieces which I wrote a few years back but am only putting on the web now because I didn’t have a blog back when I wrote them.

About: Here’s the page where you can read up on who I am and what I do.  It’s also the page that provides you with contact information -an email address if you have questions or comments that you wish to ask privately rather than publicly or if there is a topic you want to see me address on this blog.  You can also email me at any time to yell at me if you think I’m using bad theology :).  The about page also introduces you to the Mennonerds website (a collective of Anabaptist and Mennonite writers from around the net that I blog with) and also introduces you to State of Formation (a group of scholars from various religious and ethical backgrounds and traditions who I have recently started blogging with).  I’d encourage you to check out Mennonerds and State of Formation for fresh new perspectives from people who are generally more experienced and have more education that I do.

Deborah’s Publications: Here’s a page that lists the majority of articles that I have published outside of this blog.  The purpose of this page is simply to be used as a resource – if there’s anything of interest or you are simply interested in what else is out there.  I’m very open to allowing you to use any of my materials as long as you are using them in ways that promote peace and as long as you retain my moral rights. 

Sabbatical Journey – My Time at L’Arche – Here’s the page that I will update frequently (hopefully at least once a week) with stories about my time at L’Arche.  When people found out that I was working here they were all very interested in my work and plus it will be a way to keep connected with family and friends back home and from seminary.  Unlike the main blog, this page will be emotionally charging, devotional, and without theological ramblings. 

The Topicals: I have long had an interest in writing on topical series.  Since my mind is rather random, I know I can’t really survive just written on one topic with no breaks to other topics, thus, I’ve decided to put all of my topics into one page here.  If there’s a certain topic you’d like for me to address, just let me know.  The first topical series that I have placed here are journal entries from my time as an intern at the pregnancy center.  I have changed names and identities as well as the organization for the sake of confidentiality. 

Please note that at present I am thinking of possibly making a new blog for L’Arche for for my topicals, but have not done so yet.  We’ll try it out first using the page system and depending on how that goes I may or may not branch out.

Thank you for your faithful reading of my blog.  I appreciate having you on board!



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