Welcome to my blog!

Hi!  I’m so glad that you decided to check out my blog and I hope that you will have fun exploring it.

The general point of my blog is to wrestle (to use a non-Mennonite cliche) through some of the important theological and philosophical questions that I am learning and reading about related to peace and pacifism.  I want to do this largely through the lens of Anabaptist Christianity.  While, everything that I blog about might not overtly be Mennonite, this is the denomination of which I am a part and thus which I use to interpret and process news and other events.

I do not think one is ever truly the most qualified to write up a blog about peace, however, I do feel that I bring some experience to the table.  I have an undergrad degree in Religious Education and took many business courses while I was in university, then I moved on to study peace and theology at the graduate level.  I have also had many experiences of working with peacemaking and social justice including everything from working at a pregnancy resource center to working with chaplains at nursing homes to working with my denominational office on the Christian Peace Circle and the Decade to Overcome Violence.  I am part of a local Peace and Justice group, and have also done some work with recent immigrants.  Of course, my main training has come as a result of being a part of the Mennonite/Anabaptist faith for 8 years and helping others to explore some of the important questions that the Mennonites love to address.

My blog will probably be mostly a combination of stories, book reviews, and possibly some links to other important things that are happening or certain news articles that deal with peace.   I may include some more formal writings while I’m at it or some poetry, but it won’t be anything too strenuous.    This is a blog after all, not a formal research paper.  I might share a bit with you all about what I am researching at the moment, though.  But if you want the actual paper you’ll have to contact me to get it.

Currently, I am doing a lot of work with peacemaking and marginalization.  I am very interested in trying to bring more of a voice into Anabaptist/Mennonite and other peace loving churches about inclusion in general.  When I say inclusion, I am referring to many different levels of inclusion.   Foremost, in my mind, at the moment is how we include people who are differently abled into our congregations.  In upcoming blogs, I will share with you some of what I have been working on and researching related to people with various types of disabilities and how I envision joining them into our churches.  At the moment, I am also doing some work (which I think is interesting, but I’ll let you speak for yourselves) about peacemaking and criminal justice and peacemaking and drama.

All of my blogs are personal opinions (often rooted in formal graduate research) and do not necessarily reflect what my specific church or specific denomination believes.


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